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European countries are the countries that attract attention in terms of business opportunities. Finding job opportunities in many fields is a subject of interest especially for young people. Belgium recruitment In this regard, it is among the most researched topics. Belgium is an ideal country for those who want to have a good job and live a high standard of living. There are many conditions that must be met in order to work in Belgium.

Belgium Recruitment

Belgium Recruitment

Belgium job application At the same time, you must obtain a work permit. European countries hisse attention to the fact that certain permits have been obtained for people coming from abroad to stay in the country. Belgium is one of the most meticulous countries in this regard. It is one of the countries with significant gaps in certain professions. It especially needs young and dynamic employees.

Belgium recruitment When research is done on the subject, people need to know where and how to apply. Although companies in Turkey bring workers to this country, there are also those who want to work directly in foreign companies. In such cases, Belgian job postings should be followed closely. In this process, it is of great importance to evaluate the desired conditions very well. Different professions stand out during recruitment. Individuals can apply to these professions in line with the training they have received.

Belgium Recruitment

Belgium is among the most preferred countries due to its job opportunities. People can evaluate many different methods in the process of finding a job. It may be possible to find a job while in Turkey or by going to the country. Belgium recruitment When the related advertisements are published, these advertisements can be easily applied. If necessary, companies that provide services in this field can also be used. However, before evaluating the recruitment of workers in Belgium, you should know the following about the country in general:

Belgium is one of the NATO countries. Its capital is Brussels. It borders Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The currency is Euro. Its major cities include the capital Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi. It is located in Western Europe. The number of Flemish, German and French communities is high. Official languages ​​are German, French and Dutch.

This information is among the things that people who want to live in Belgium for many years should know. Belgium is one of the best European countries in terms of living standards. However, there may be serious personnel shortages in some sectors. In such cases, the country concentrates on recruiting workers from abroad. Thousands of people gain the advantage of establishing a life in this country within the scope of the advertisements opened every year. Nowadays, the number of people who want to go abroad is increasing. This allows countries like Belgium to be explored more closely.

Belgium job application

Belgium is an ideal country for finding a job. Both the high standard of living and the wide choice of jobs are important advantages for Turkish citizens. Belgium job application People who want to work can benefit from various job search sites. On these sites, the conditions of the works are written in detail. In addition to these, applications can also be made to human resources companies. You need to make sure that you meet the criteria sought during job applications in the best possible way.

Language proficiency is among the most important requirements during applications. Although language is not required in every profession, it is necessary to know a little language in order to adapt to the general life in the country. Belgium recruitment It is important to send documents such as diplomas and certificates to the company to which the application is made. These documents are especially important in jobs that require technical knowledge. In addition to these, specifying your references creates an important chance for you to be recruited.

Belgium is one of the countries with the highest per capita income. It is among the leading countries of Europe in terms of immigrant rights, workers’ rights and average salaries. In this respect, Belgium is among the first choices of those who want to work abroad. Workers in the country are protected by laws within the scope of labor law. Working hours are 40 hours per week. This hour cannot be more than 9 hours when calculated on a daily basis.

How to Find a Job in Belgium

When looking for a job in Belgium you have to consider the working conditions. Issues such as the nature of the job and working hours are important issues in business success. For this reason, many people should make good use of their qualifications when hiring in Belgium. In order to find a job in Belgium, you especially need to take advantage of career sites. In this process, when people do research on career sites, they can find a job according to their education, experience and interests. Belgium job application Check out these sites for:

Jobs can be easily found on their site. However, it is also possible to apply for the purchases made by the country in the process of finding a job. Not every profession can be found on these sites. In this regard, you can apply to companies in the sector while applying for a job in your field. You can send your CV to the human resources of these companies over the web. When preparing a CV, you should also include subjects such as your professional competence and experience to a large extent.

Belgium Job Opportunities

As finding a job becomes more and more difficult every day, people search for opportunities in different countries. In such cases, it is possible to start a good career process by applying for a professional job. With this Belgium job opportunities While being evaluated, it is necessary to know which professions are more open. While there is a shortage of qualified personnel in the country, unskilled personnel are also needed more.

Belgium is a very developed country in the field of health. Many personnel are required to operate in this field. Besides, it is one of the best countries in the field of transportation. Iron and steel, petroleum products, chemical industry are among the most developed areas in the country. In addition, sectors where processed diamonds, textiles, plastics and non-ferrous metals are used are important.

As in many countries, the service sector is a very active sector in Belgium. A large part of the population works in the service sector. 70% of the Gross National Product is obtained from the service sector. In the agricultural sector, the number of workers corresponds to a rate of 1.15%. The tourism sector accounts for approximately 2.5% of the total income. The financial sector is one of the sectors that is growing day by day.

Desired Professions in Belgium

If you want to live in Belgium for many years, you can find a job in this country. Among the sought-after occupations, some stand out even more because of too many vacancies. Occupations in Belgium If you have experience in the field, you can apply. However, each profession özgü different application requirements. Subjects such as mezuniyet belgesi, certificate, education level, reference may differ at this stage. Experience may come to the fore, although some countries do not seek a mezuniyet belgesi. The most sought after occupations include:

Service personnel Agricultural worker Call center personnel Teacher Sales consultant Auto mechanic Waiter Human resources personnel Journalist Lawyer Insurer Banker Doctor Engineer Pharmacist Tourism personnel Translator Doctor

Apart from these professions, many different professions can be included. Many different types of personnel are recruited, such as drivers, security personnel, copywriters, managers and secretaries. Every profession özgü different working hours and salary. For example, a doctor’s weekly working hours are 48 hours. On average, he earns 13,800 Euros per month. In addition, people who work as engineers are subject to different conditions according to their engineering branches.

Workers Salaries in Belgium

Belgium is one of the countries with a high minimum wage. The gross minimum wage is 1,842 Euros. However, not every occupational group receives a minimum wage as a salary. Salaries are much higher in jobs that require a lot of qualifications such as doctors, engineers, accountants. The lowest salary in Belgium is the minimum wage. Other profession salaries are also evaluated over this lowest salary. on average worker salaries in Belgium

The following can be said about:

Teacher 3 thousand 258 Euro Human Resources Specialist 4 thousand 073 Euro Insurer 3 thousand 720 Euro Service Personnel 3 thousand Euro Agricultural Worker 2 thousand 748 Euro Bank Staff 4 thousand 394 Euro Sales Consultant 3 thousand 551 Euro Car Repair 3 thousand 524 Euro Call Center Representative 3 067 Euro Journalist 3 thousand 196 Euro Lawyer 4 thousand 483 Euro Pharmacist 4 thousand 103 Euro Security Personnel 3 thousand 036 Euro Driver 3 thousand 022 Euro Translator 3 thousand 498 Euro Doctor 13 thousand 800 Euro Construction Worker 3 thousand 782 Euro Babysitter 2 thousand 300 Euro Tourism and Hospitality 2 thousand 694 Euro Advertising Personnel 3 thousand 792 Euro

Belgium Work Permit and Visa Application

When Belgian personnel recruitment begins, individuals must apply for a work permit at the same time as a job application. If your recruitment process is final, you need to prepare some documents. However, if the result you get from the applications is not certain, you can wait for the visa application process. After the recruitment process is finalized, you must start visa procedures at least 1 month before the travel date. Belgium work permit and visa application The following documents are requested during the preparation:

Passport: Must contain at least two blank pages, must have been taken within the last 10 years. Travel health insurance: 30 thousand Euros must be covered. Application biçim: It must be filled in accordance with the work visa. Petition: All details of the work visa should be included. It must be signed and dated. Invitation: Must be sent from the company in Belgium. Fully documented birth certificate sample 2 biometric photos Documents showing your educational status Documents showing your financial status Criminal Record Record Health report Work permit document Back and forth photocopy of identity document

Such documents are among the required documents. However, additional documents may be requested depending on the type of occupation. If you have a sponsor in this process, all the information of this sponsor must be included in the visa application file. People can travel to Belgium after getting their visa procedures done. If you find a job while in Belgium, you must go to the Immigration Center here and complete the residence and work permit applications.

Being an Immigrant in Belgium

Belgium is one of the countries with high standards in many respects. Above all, there is an extremely well-functioning health system. The education sector özgü developed considerably. For this reason, immigrants in the country can lead a comfortable life in many respects. People who want to stay in the country as immigrants have to apply to the Immigration Office. Especially those who plan to stay more than 90 days should make these applications as soon as possible.

Brussels, Genk, Gent, Antwerp and Liege are among the regions where Turks live the most. There are some conditions to be an immigrant in this country. If you have a family member, you can settle in Belgium through him. Studying at an educational institution in Belgium, working in a company are among the ways to become an immigrant. Being an intern Being an immigrant in Belgium is a sufficient condition.

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Advice for Those Who Want to Work in Belgium

Belgium is a beautiful country to live in every way. This can cause too many outsiders to apply for immigration. In such cases Advice for those who want to work in Belgium It is possible to talk about many points within the scope of this. Belgium is a developed country in many ways. Therefore, it is important to adapt to the cultural and social structure of this country.

In the first place, you can get a short-term residence permit. You can then turn this leave into a long-term one as you adapt. Being very good at what you do is an important detail in terms of staying in this country. You need to comply very well with the laws of the country. In addition, it is important to always be moderate in human relations in order to find a job in this country. In Belgium, you should focus on the jobs you can handle when it comes to recruiting workers.

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